Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Work it** Twerk it

"Service to others is the payment you make for your space here on earth."
-Mohammed Ali-

There are so many things going on at Utah State right now it's not even funny! Coming up really soon is PSU's (polynesian student union) annual luau which I will be performing in. There was about 5 dances that I wanted to learn, but I've just been so busy I have only been able to learn about 2 and a half. Which reminds me...I better learn the other half of that dance soon. I've also been busy with our African dance groups performances. We probably do 3 or4 performances a month for different organizations or schools. This month we did a
performance at a fundraiser that helpe
d children in Ghana, a performance for Dominican night at USU, and a night called "the hunger banquet" that raised awareness towards hunger in African.

Besides dances we have our basketball team heading towards victory in the WAC tournament going on during spring break down in Las Vegas. I heard that MTV was going to be down there for their spring break this year which would be wild for the folks that are going down there for the game. Which by the way is everyone but me. Las Vegas couldn't handle me...of course.

I'm also looking forward towards 2011 Special Olympics as well, it will be the third year my sister and I are volunte
ering. I get to see a lot of the kids I worked with back in high school so I'm excited for that. Academics is going well! I am loving this whole Tuesday and Thursday class schedule ordeal. I have a lot more time to be involved but at the same time- my family has recently started hogging me all to themselves, which I don't mind at all.

Every weekend this month me and my sisters have gone down to Salt Lake City to hangout with our other sister who has recently gotten married. Her wedding was about three days ago, she made a beautiful bride. No more weekends out of town though, back to the bookwork and back to campus life! It was fun while it lasted- SLC gave me some nirvana. Until next time, good-bye to the beautiful month of February.

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