Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Welcome to the SAFARI

Last weekend I attend AFSA's annual African Night and it was spectacular! To me, it was one of the most entertaining and most organized dinners that any of the multi-cultural clubs have hosted this year. Speaking of dinner, the food was delicious! I helped out a little before the event and it was long process to decorate and cook as much as I could pitch in. I can't imagine how much time and effort this event must of taken behind the scenes. From the looks of it, it was probably a long-tedious process. They pulled it off well and I was very entertained. So many countries were well represented like Congo, Ethiopia, Ivory Coast, Ghana, Mali, and many other countries. These countries were represented through dance(music), clothing, art, and food. The most entertaining part for me were the Burundi drummers and the Meite sisters. Those two specific performances were insane! Not only was the night entertaining but it was also Educational. We learned that Khols was donating a generous amount of money to COEEF which is a fund that helps Ethiopian girls attend school. Showing them that they can empower their own future through an education. Also, since my parents are from Somalia I had to represent and I walked in the fashion show which was a blast. Overall, great night, lots of fun, and lot's of excitement! [: Ciao

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