Tuesday, January 11, 2011


"Intellectual growth should commence at birth and cease only at death"

It's that time of day again that my mind starts to distance itself from my body and onto the computer screen. It's the second day of school for most students, but for me, it's the first. When it's time for students to register for classes there is a specific order when it comes registering. First and foremost priority registration is allowed access to their classes-- which are usually students involved in specific clubs. Than the seniors, juniors, sophomores, and finally freshman. WELL my amiga (Tiphaniee) and I waited endearingly beside our computers until midnight so the second the clock struck twelve we could register for the classes we desired. I aspired my schedule to beyond perfect! Turns out, dreams do come true. This semester I merely have classes on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Although it took a lot of time and a little bit of mathematics- the deed is done.

Today was my first day of this new semester and it went by peacefully. I got a syllabus from all my teachers and I've already filled out my planer with all the assignments due dates, quiz's, and test dates. I needed one more credit to fill up my schedule so I decided to take a billiards (pool) class. Turned out my friend, Jon, was enrolled for the class as well; so I am looking forward to having an hour break to just kick back. My other classes are pretty demanding, but nothing I can't handle. This semester I'm takin' more classes that go towards my major which should be helpful and exciting.

Jeff Hornacek came to our school today to talk about his experience in the NBA. He was really down to earth and talked about what things he thought were truly important in his life. He talked about his family, mainly his children. It was really entertaining to ask him personal questions and hear his comical answers. Everyone should be looking forward to the Martin Luther King Vigil tomorrow. I know I ammmmm! It helps remember Dr. King and what he did to promote justice, peace, and social equality.

Since I don't have classes tomorrow-- I can finish up any homework I have (Yes, I know...why in the world do I have homework the first day?) All I know is that I have a perfect academic schedule and it should help balance everything out. Easy breezy, that too cheesy? >;]

Saturday, January 8, 2011

Delightfully pleased

"A mind at peace, a mind focused on not harming others,
is stronger than any physical force in the universe."

Eyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!! (effort to get readers hype)

It is approximately 2300:41:10 and my eyes are feeling heavy. I thought it would be a perfect time to write my first post. Right before I sleep is when I talk to myself the most... So I have a perfected diabolical plan which consists of informing you how my first semester at Utah State University went. I am well aware that we are only allowed to use the word "epic" twice a year but I am willing to use one of these two chances to describe my experience at USU.It was EPIC! All throughout high school I was never excited to be going back to school after a long, and much needed, break. However, this school has been like a second home and there is no place like home. You can argue with the fact that it was only my first semester, but you can't argue with me because I am buff -___- My first semester of college has greatly exceeded my expectations. I would definitely describe my experience as the first stage of a long term relationship. Right now we are in the stage where we are both unbelievably smitten about one another. This school has kept my interest, cared for me as an individual, and taught me a lot about myself. We are very happy with one another ;)

Socially, I have become more outgoing. I had to become outgoing to survive. There is always something fun to do on campus. I have volunteered at several events and will never get tired of Utah State talking about what they represent. It is a reminder as to why I chose to attend this university in the first place. I grew up here, in Logan, and I thought I knew everything about everyone and their babies mama. Logan might be a small town but Utah State is a WHOLE other world. It is very rare that I run into the same people over and over again. In high school meeting new people everyday would have been an overwhelming daily task for me to overcome. Now, it is as normal as shaving my knuckles (kidding).

More important though is their academics. I have not only improved on my social skills but scholastically as well. I believe that I could have had a much better experience in high school if I had the same mindset on school that I have now. That mindset is that we are all here for one thing- a better education. Who cares who dumped who, who got invited, and who cares if she has a touch screen while we are stuck here with flip phones! Although scholarships are further out of reach (because most scholarships are for incoming freshman) I still keep myself academically focused. I disliked taking classes that had nothing to do with my future career. I took a lot of concurrent enrollment classes in high school and because of that, I have most of my BREATH and generals done so history is history and good-bye art. May you rest in peace.

If you don't know by now I love this school. A piece of me would die if someone told me that they didn't want to be here. I had that feeling all throughout high school and would hate for anyone to have to deal with another tough four years. This past semester the walls of Logan have extended and I can see past main street. This new world that I have officially entered has given me a great education, life-long friends, and confidence. As a first generation student, my parents are not liking the whole "I'm going off to study and I will be back at 1 am" ordeal that they had to put up with during finals but it was worth it and they know it. :)

Stay tuned for how to open a can of pop with a feather.
(you wish, I am the only one allowed to know how to follow through with that)