Monday, April 18, 2011

Easy Breezy!

-Best "Finding Nemo" quotes-
Seagulls: "Mine."

What I like most about this semester is the fact that I only have one real final. My Engineering class is a Freshman orientation class and there is NO FINAL! My Rehabilitation/Special Ed. class has a pretty simple final. We are going to watch the movie "Finding Nemo". That's right, "Finding Nemo". Then we have to list 200 key terms that we have learned throughout the semester that can be related to the movie. An example would be paternalism: Marlin shows this towards Nemo because he thinks he knows what is best for Nemo and never asks Nemo what he wants. Or hypervisibility: The fish in the tank of the dentist's office were always visible to others and had no privacy. So that final is going to take some time but over-all it's not as hard as a chemistry final would be. In my English class we just turned in an 8 page paper and that's the most we'll have to do from now till the end of the semester. No final in English :) Of course no final in Billiards..that would be weird. Last but not least- Math. I have a final in that class but it's my only hard final so I have been stressing on that the most. Hopefully putting this much effort towards my upcoming Math final will pay off. If it doesn't...well it will be devastating. Anyways- three more weeks till school ends! From the photo you can tell that I'm getting tired of school right about now. As soon as summer hits I'll be begging for school to start back up again.